REVIEW: Gerber Center-Drive multi tool

by Scott Thomas, Fishing World

ALL fishos should own a multi-tool. I own several and often have one handy whilst fishing. Of course they’re more than a fishing tool; as the name suggests, multi-tools have a multitude of uses around the home and for practically any application. They’re very useful gadgets!

Gerber is a big name in knives and multi-tools. The US-based company has been around since 1939 and is a household name in the states and around the world. I’ve owned several Gerber products and was excited to see what the Center-Drive was all about.

The Center-Drive takes Gerber back to its roots with a genuine US-made product. Making multi-tools is a competitive business and the temptation to cut corners while designing a tool has left many brands with an inferior product to suit a price point. The Center-Drive however shows Gerber’s commitment to designing a tool which is built to last. It’s a noticeably rugged product, yet sleek in its handling.

The Center-Drive’s design is built around a useful screw driver feature. The extra long screwdriver features a swing-out arm with a detachable phillips head or flat head attachment. It’s simple to use and great for reaching into small spaces, like reels for example. Fixing a reel on the water has never been easier.

Another unique feature of the Gerber is its slide-out pliers. Using your thumb, it’s a matter of sliding a button to engage the pliers. You won’t need two hands and the spring loaded pliers mean engaging them and unhooking fish is almost as simple as using a pair of conventional pliers. It’s much easier than unfolding a standard multi-tool and fumbling about while a fish is boat side. The pliers also feature replaceable cutter blades, an essential requisite for the longevity of a multi-tool.

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